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Apogeo Space (previously, GP Advanced Projects) was founded back in 2015 with the aim to support non-space entities’ management entering the space market.
Clearly detecting the main critical issues encountered by companies in/while accessing the space industry, allowed us to develop a proven consulting and management plan that we adopt to support our clients with their space and non-space projects nowadays. In 2016, we expanded our activities fine- tuning space hardware solutions, which led us to draw and manufacture a product line of our own picosatellites.
Merging our management background with our product experience, we now provide our clients a unique offer, arranging a customized combination of product and services based on their needs which enables them to perform unordinary steps forward/towards innovation.
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the unordinary
Here at Apogeo Space we believe in a democratic world, where anyone can enjoy low cost, fully capable, embedded nanoplatforms’ capabilities. This is the reason why we work hard to help non-space businesses taking advantage of the benefits related to newspace technologies and applications. Our main goal is to push our customers’ businesses forward in innovation and progress, enabling what they believe impossibile, enabling the unordinary.
Developing newspace technologies and implementing them into ordinary applications and businesses, allowing people to do unordinary things.
the unordinary
A more equal and democratic world, where everyone can benefit the possibilities offered by smart newspace technologies.